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Harry Potter is a progression of seven dream Hard Rock cafe Hogwarts shirt books and eight motion pictures by J. K. Rowling, a British creator. It is named for its hero and legend, the anecdotal Harry Potter.The eight books in the arrangement have sold more than 500 million duplicates over the world in more than 70 dialects, and is the smash hit book arrangement ever. Every one of them have been made into movies.Harry Potter is a kid who was destined to two adoring guardians, Lily and James Potter.

Hard Rock cafe Hogwarts shirt

Harry, similar to his folks, is a wizard. When Harry was one year old, his folks were murdered by a dim expressions (underhanded) wizard named Lord Voldemort, leaving him with a scar looking like a lightning jolt. Voldemort had heard a prediction that his most prominent adversary would be a youngster that had a similar definite depiction as Harry. It is later uncovered that the prescience additionally could have been Neville Longbottom. Voldemort neglects to execute Harry and vanishes. After the passings of his folks, he was raised by his non-mysterious Aunt Petunia (muggle), Uncle Vernon, and cousin (Dudley) and they didn’t treat him well. As a youngster, he didn’t realize he was a wizard. He in the end finds that there are numerous enchanted individuals, living furtively and avoiding non-wizards (known as “Muggles”).